Russian Flag
    Russia Flag
    Flag of Russia
    Name Триколор (Tricolor)
    Adopted August 21, 1991
    Flag day August 22
    Proportion 2:3
    Designer Tsar Peter I the Great
    Inspired by The Netherlands flag
    Use Civil and State flag
    Russia National Flag
    The national flag of Russian Federation is a tricolor flag consisting of three equal horizontal bands - white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. The colors have been based on those of the Dutch flag.
    Russia flag color codes

    Russia Flag Colors

    White RGB: (255,255,255) Hex: #FFFFFF
    Blue RGB: (0,57,166) Hex: #0039A6
    Red RGB: (213,43,30) Hex: #D52B1E
    Russia Flag history

    Russia Flag
    Russian Flag history
    In 1697, Tsar Peter I visited the Netherlands to learn about the most advanced techniques in shipbuilding. He was impressed by the simple design of Dutch flag and modeled Russian flag after the Dutch flag by having the stripes arranged white-blue-red.
    Following the Russian Revolution of 1917 (October revolution), the Communists adopted a Red Flag that contained a gold hammer, sickle, and gold-bordered red star in the upper hoist corner as the official flag of the newly created USSR (Soviet Union). As the Communist regime started falling apart, the original white-blue-red Russian national flag was restored on August 21, 1991. Soon, non-Russian territories of the Soviet Union became independent as the Soviet Union collapsed. The rest of the country, now called Russian Federation, continued using the white-blue-red Russian national flag.
    Established in 1994, the National Flag Day is an official holiday in Russia. It is celebrated on 22 August, the day of the victory over putschists in 1991.
    Russian and Dutch Flags
    Russian Flag Vs The Netherlands Flag
    The Flag of Russia is similar to the flag of the Netherlands in the design aspect as both are tricolors. The Russian flags colors are, from top to bottom, white, blue and red. The Netherlands' flags colors are, from top to bottom, red, white and blue. The shades of red and blue colors on the flag of the Netherlands are different from those on the Russian flag.
    Russian Flag Vs The Netherlands Flag
    Russia President's Flag
    Flag of the President of Russia
    Standard of the President of the Russian Federation is a square version of the Flag of Russia, with the Coat of arms placed in the middle of the flag. The Coat of arms features a double-headed Imperial Eagle fully crowned, grasping in the dexter claw an imperial sceptre, and in the sinister claw an imperial orb. The Imperial Eagle is charged on the breast with an escutcheon with an image of St. George Martyr the Victorious in complete armour Argent, wearing a flying cloak Azure, riding a horse in full gallop Argent
    Russia President's Flag
    Russian anthem
    Russia Flag Picture
    Russia Flag
    Russia Flag Picture
    Russia Flag Picture

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